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17th January 2011

Cabinet Pulls, or Knobs? What’s Right for You?

When deciding to renovate your cabinetry, there are many choices that you must ponder on to make sure to get everything right; their design, materials, colors… etc… etc… One of the most important, yet most overlooked decisions when it comes to either reno...

17th January 2011

Choosing the Proper Cabinet Hardware

Cabinets are a mandatory part of our everyday life, serving as means of storing away all of the items which we simply cannot keep carrying with us. Not only that, but they’re also means to adding some much needed style and character into your home, and th...

17th January 2011

Why Choose Pantry Cabinetry

Most people today resort to storing their various foods and cooking accessories in their kitchen cabinets, without realizing that there is something out there which would allow them to be ten times as organized as well as add flair and style to the kitche...

17th January 2011

New Cabinet Knobs – The Cost-Effective Renovation

As your cabinets age, they will inevitably succumb at one point or another to wear and tear, from being used for years, day after day, to a such point that even the cabinet knobs will start to look dull and outdated. Regardless of where your cabinets are...

17th January 2011

Proper Cabinet Maintenance – The Key to Longevity

For many people, cabinets represent an important aspect of everyday life; it is where the we stow away the various foods, plates, ingredients etc…etc… for a later time. They also contribute to keeping your rooms clean, tidy, and organized. Some people eve...

17th January 2011

Play it Smart and Reface Your Cabinets

For most people around the world, especially for those coming from western cultures, the kitchen is not only the place where the food is prepared, it is also the place where the whole family reunites after the day to converse and to bond. And so it should...

05th January 2011

The Enduring Great thing about Antique Sewing Machines Is They Are Works Of Fine art

Although people have practiced the art of stitching for thousands of years, the first antique sewing machines only grew to become out there 200 years ago. Throughout the year 1790, Thomas Saint was in a position to earn the first patent for his stitching ...

22nd November 2009

Why Do I Need Good Quality Cutlery

Buying knives is no small task. Chefs protect their knives like they protect their cars. Culinary students will go into even more debt to purchase a set of knives that will last them a lifetime. Even Martha Stewart had special cabinetry installed in her n...

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