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29th June 2011

Looking for a Nice Portrait Photography

Experimenting with lenses is always fun. Breaking the photography rules is even more. While considering portrait photography and wedding photography this fact becomes obvious. Itís not enough for a photographer to have exceptional technical skills and cre...

28th June 2011

Little Angels Play School, Jamia Nagar New Delhi#

Little Angels Play School is located in Jamia Nagar in New Delhi. Jamia Nagar is located in South Delhi. This area is quite congested but modern. The inhabitants of the area include intellectuals, journalists, doctors, engineers, finance professionals and...

09th February 2011

Business and Creativity: Itís Not Just for Artists!

There are six distinct Perceptual Styles that characterize the ways the different people see the world. On the surface, some of these styles look more creative than othersóbut creativity is not a Perceptual Style quality, itís a human quality. Often, w...

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