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31st August 2012

Design uncertainties around state health insurance exchanges: Implications for payers

Under the aegis of Affordable Care Act, states are mandated to set up health insurance exchanges online marketplaces for buying and selling health insurance and auxiliary products. Considering the cultural and demographic differences among various US st...

30th March 2011

What are the global effects of Japan's Triple Disaster

Energy price is soaring because of the dread that the current unrest at the center East is affecting the worldwide supply of oil. The actual disaster in the Fukusima energy station highlights the requirement for Japan to now import conventional powers to ...

03rd November 2009

How Ted Kennedy's Replacement Is Impacting Healthcare Reform

Several months ago, Senator Edward M. Kennedy (often referred to as Ted) passed away. Oft-referred to as a "liberal lion", he was one of the Senate's major supporters of healthcare reform and express vociferous support for the public option. His temporary...

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