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26th May 2011

Time to Opt - International News Headlines Or Self

Nothing in life seems easy. Is that what many of us feel always? How about changing attitude for a while? Letís see the world from a different colored glass. Let us think of wild adventure we secretly pray for. Let us seek a route to un-ventured places. L...

09th May 2011

A birds eye view of stained glass the magnificence

People who have their windows and doors attached with stained glass work of arts are normally recognized as people who have a good taste in art, color and history. One of the most legendary art forms that have admired people for ages have been stai...

31st March 2011

Moistureless paintings and sketching techniques for designing pop art portraits

You will find nearly four main branches relating to art forms: architecture, sculpture, posters and painting. Canvas painting is an creative art form where you sketch persons and things on a flat working surface using various materials and techniques. T...

08th September 2010

Ancient Glass History

Little is known about the production of glass in the ancient world. One early source, Pliny the Elder (AD 23 - 89), reported the tale of natron (soda) merchants who, when they stopped to prepare a meal, supported their cooking vessels on the beach with bl...

03rd November 2009

Clip Earrings for Every Style

Years ago, women who sported clip on earrings were limited to a handful of choices. It wasn't until recently that a number of noticeably fashion forward styles were made available to the masses. This season, clip on arrings continue to be hot, as more and...

29th June 2009

Do you have a neon clock in your home?

Neon ClockNeon clocks are clocks that can add great decoration to your room. Neon clocks are very attractive with their eye-catching brightness of neon. They can ornament specific wall of your home. The use of inert gas, colored glass, and fluorescent coa...

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