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14th April 2011

Eurozone and the Spirit of Charlemagne 5

Just as German elites bullied Europe into accepting a single currency, they are achieving, by the same process, a fiscal union on the Continent. The end result is that Berlin will ultimately control currency, interest rates and taxation Europe-wide. At th...

20th July 2009

The Grey Area of Number Plate Tax

I'm sure that I won't be surprising anyone when I say that we are currently living through one of the worst financial down turns in the history of capitalism. Nor will anyone be surprised to hear that this crisis was largely brought about by our governme...

08th June 2009

No Mere Background Checks for Society's Finest

Police and fire departments have a reputation of employing society's finest men and women. These civil servants are held up to the highest standards taxpayers have come to expect, especially in emergency situations. That is the reason behind the multiple ...

29th May 2009

Fill and Save PDF Forms with PDF form Filler

As we notice that almost every computer user has installed Adobe Reader in their computers to view and fill in PDF forms. It's no problem for you to view any PDF file with Adobe PDF Reader. Also you can fill the data on the PDF form in Adobe PDF Re...

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