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26th September 2011

Charitable Giving by Nation

It is not easy to establish which countries give more to charity as there are so many ways of giving. Some give money will others contribute time and assistance to good causes. Some countries give a lot to charity through governments and other schemes whi...

12th August 2010

Cheap Mobile Mysteries: What Is GSM?

GSM - Introduction: When GSM was first introduced in the market it stood for Group Special Mobile, but as the technology changes and the more advance versions came into the market the acronym changed into Global System for Mobile Communication. The organ...

11th August 2010

UFO filmed over Slovenia last month

Latest UFO sightings - This video of some kind of disc-shaped, blue colored silent UFO was allegedly recorded in Novo Mesto, Slovenia in central Europe on Monday, 19th July 2010 around 10:30 pm. This city is located near Croatia and Hungary. According ...

22nd December 2009

Missing sailor found in the Caribbean

I don't know about most kids but when I was 14 years old the Nintendo and my bicycle were the main hobbies in my life beside sports. But watching all the breaking news on CNN and other major news channels last weekend about Laura Dekker a young girl from ...

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