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13th June 2011

How to Choose Your Book or Novel Editor: A fourStage Guide

So, you've written your novel or non-fiction manuscript. You're proud of it (and you should be), and your mother enjoys it (she need to do). But that isn't going to necessarily imply your novel or guide is however all set to be taken to a literary agent o...

06th May 2011

Are you a genius ? Try out this online IQ test

Talented women and men difficulties: person's who get better (a hundred thirty Intelligence Quotient and more) will be able to deal with obstacles. The received idea who suggests that a clever guy cant be unhappy, is wrong. Such as rational deficiency, gi...

24th February 2010

Nokia E71 Vs Nokia E72 – the competitive stylish phones

Nokia E71 is a mobile which is especially tailored for high professionals. It has easy and fast access to diverse applications like messaging, covering business and personal emails with true simplicity. However, Nokia E72 is a handset with optimum perform...

14th December 2009

4 Ways to Rid Emotional Eating

By Marna in Diet
Face it, at the end of the day, weight loss is really about body esteem, not the food you put in your mouth. Once you make an emotional shift, you're going to be successful beyond measure long term. If you think it's simply eating less and exercising ...

27th November 2009

How to come about with a Craft Design for Kid Programs

Are you a camp director or Sunday School teacher looking for a craft idea for kid enrichment? Maybe you feel like you are just not the creative type, and you struggle with coming up with craft projects. It is true that some people just have a knack for ...

16th November 2009

Being Excellent, Not Perfect

"Mastery is awareness, not control" - Peter Senge * Are you acutely aware of your limitations and those of others? * Do you often experience disappointment in yourself or others? * Do you push yourself to achieve an ideal, no matter what?...

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