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09th November 2011

The Fight Against Cancer Is Getting A Little Help From The Mary Kay Foundation

Cancer is just one of those diseases that does the maximum amount of damage to the families of victims as it does to the victims. While the person who has cancer has to deal with the taxing medical issues that goes in conjunction with cancer, loved ones f...

13th April 2011

Make your grandpa absolutely delighted with DISH Network Packages

You can make your grandpa absolutely delighted with DISH Network Packages that will enliven his mood in an exclusive way. You can send hugs and warm wishes to your grandpa on his birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year or any other event and thank him ...

21st January 2011

Personalizing My Grandpa’s Funeral and the Value of his Funeral Ceremony

Four years ago my Grandpa passed away. This was the first funeral that I had to attend in my life. Being somebody that has worked in the funeral profession for over fifteen years, it was interesting to finally have to experience the loss of a loved one fo...

07th October 2009

Tell Stories With Your Photos

It's time to upgrade your photography. Am I suggesting investing in new camera? No, heaven forbid! What I am eluding to is upgrading from a point-and-shoot way of thinking to laying out a story with your images. A story is a gathering of parts with ...

17th April 2009

No Game but Hiking on Earth Day

Every year April 22 is the day to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. We should be conscious of the importance of protecting the our planet since people are now living in a highly developing society. The bigger the population g...

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