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06th May 2011

The Royal Wedding Is A Global Celebration

It is at last the Royal wedding week and since last November, when the Royal engagement was announced, the world has had itsī eyes focused on London and it is not only the British people who will celebrate and stand proud as this is indeed a Global Celebr...

03rd May 2011

Defanging the Royal Navy 2

If it were possible, Nelson would have rolled over groaning in his grave at the latest debacle involving the once invincible Royal Navy.In an incident publicized Tuesday via both press and television in Britain, a British naval vessel captured a group of ...

01st April 2011

ATM Charity Giving Looks Set to Become Part of the UK Big Society

The UK Coalition government is calling on banks and ATM providers to let them know how to make charitable donations via ATM happen in the UK. Consultations are taking place in the early months of 2011 and will be led by Cabinet Office Minister Francis Mau...

18th December 2009

Should the UK Government Enforce Stricter Border Control?

There can't be many who haven't seen the TV news reports from France showing images of people from various parts of the world sitting in makeshift camps near Calais whilst waiting for their chance to get into Britain. Tired and dishevelled, many have tr...

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