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25th February 2011

All About Aromatherapy Essential Oils

In aromatherapy Lemon essential oil has an amazingly wide range of uses. The lemon conjures up images of freshness and cleanliness and sunshine and lemonade. Storage of essential oils is important. Oils come in dark coloured glass bottles (amber, or blue ...

18th February 2011

Beauty Enhances With Fragrance of Perfumes

Perfumes have always been considered an expansion to overall personality of individual and today the market is teeming with a wide array of perfumes for women and men. Cosmetics and other products have ruled since ages and consequently Perfumes have becom...

27th January 2011

Highly Scented Candles - Delightful Fragrances And Many Different Purposes

Most highly scented candles utilize fragrance oils, which suggests the intention is to scent the air of a space. Still, you could have also highly scented candles which use essential oils. This type of candles have numerous remedial functions as aromather...

07th December 2010

History of Natural Indian attars

Attar emanate from the Sanskrit word “sugandha”, natural fragrance oils educe from the botanical sources through hydro or steam distillation. The Harsha Vardhan City of India during Mughal period, well-known as Kannauj is the largest attar producing city ...

17th November 2010

The Scent Makes The Man

A great scent can be intoxicating. It adds to your appearance and generally makes you more welcome and appealing to others. Men should not skip this essential step when getting dressed for the day, because putting on your scent is as important as puttin...

26th April 2010

Essential Oils v. Fragrance Oils

Essential Oil v. Fragrance OilsWe often hear that a certain product was made with essential oils or fragrance oils, but we do not really know what that means. In this article we will look at the differences and how that affects the candle making business....

13th April 2010

Learn Why Mineral Makeup Is Getting Much Publicity Recently - Bare Minerals Foundation,

The make-up industry has been gaining much attention since the influx of a number of genetic, mineral based products which revolutionized the beauty industry. With the move by many towards a more 'organic' alternative of living, it's not to our astonishme...

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