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04th October 2011

An Outline on Deco Stained Glass And The way to Get It

Art Deco Stained Glass has a character all its personal. In contrast to conventional strategies, artwork deco stained glass utilizes sharp rigid angles and geometric designs to produce stained glass artwork like none other. By steering away from the stand...

07th September 2011

Your Body, Industry and The Environment: California Prop 65

Some people have complained that California is overregulated and tied up in red string. But a rising national green consciousness validates one aspect of California regulation: product safety. In 1986, Californians voted into law Proposition 65: The Safe...

03rd June 2011

Low E Glass Coatings: What Are They And How Will They Benefit You?

Glass is a very important factor for windows and window installation. It is true that a strong frame is required to keep all the components in place while carrying out window installation. But what can really make a difference in the kind of glass you use...

08th September 2010

Ancient Glass History

Little is known about the production of glass in the ancient world. One early source, Pliny the Elder (AD 23 - 89), reported the tale of natron (soda) merchants who, when they stopped to prepare a meal, supported their cooking vessels on the beach with bl...

24th November 2009

Hand Crafted Fairy

Buy crystal animal figurines from the region where the solution of crystal and blowing glass first began. Czech and Slovak republics participated in the development of crystal figurines for more than 500 years. Small workshops in towns and villages in pla...

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