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07th March 2011

Effluent treatment plants: - It effect everyone & everything on earth

With the increaser in factories and industries, there is a larger amount of chemicals, waste and effluents flowing into the water resources thus contaminating the natural resources and contributing to the reason of diseases to man kind. Thus, there is a n...

07th July 2010

Water Conservation Technologies

Rainwater Harvesting and Drip Irrigation Technologies are the solution to the water problem. By 2013, 32 nations will be facing acute water shortage. Water conservation is extremely important and the above mentioned are water conservation technologies....

08th January 2010

Having Your Ducts Cleaned

In homes heated by forced air, the duct system is an important component of the structure and should be kept clean and free of debris. Duct cleaning is sometimes viewed as a controversial issue. Most agree that even if the results are minimal, it may stil...

23rd August 2009

Mold Remediation

Your home is the place where you retreat for comfort, relaxation, and safety. But when mold moves in with you, your place of safety can, depending on levels of exposure and individual immune response, become hazardous to your health. Common mold exposure ...

11th June 2009

California political news

California is among the largest states in the Western part of United States and is a place, which always attract the print and electronic media for its political scenerio. Being a state which is quite evenly divided among the Republicans and democrats, th...

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