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24th May 2011

One Of Many Great Northern British Artists

British contemporary art started during the 1960s and is present until now, this birthed the era of many Great Northern British Artists. This movement saw a large shift in wealth for the nation, and the common individuals power to spend increased. During ...

23rd May 2011

What Language Is Your Body Speaking?

Body language. The nonverbal communication of your body that can tell your audience you are speaking with confidence or cowardness, delight or disingenuity. Do you know which language your body is speaking? Something as simple as an arm gesture coul...

10th May 2011

The 2012 Elections and the ‘Twenty Million Factor’

John McCain was beat by approximately twenty million voters in the 2008 election. Are those voters going to vote for Barack Obama again? If they do, the hardest question of all to answer is: why? We now have a clear Obama track record and plenty of bac...

11th January 2011

Educational Toys for Kids

Naturally, kids get attracted to new toys and when this really is the case, the curiosity can disappear as quick because it is sparked. It is for this reason that father and mother must note that just mainly because it is marketed on television commercial...

27th April 2010

3 Essential Elements of Body Language In Non Verbal Communication

Body language is synonymous to communication skills, just as a power point slide is to your presentation. More than 90% of communication is non verbal, which is why it impacts others more than what you say. To master this aspect of communication, you n...

15th April 2010

Diet Plan - Unique Weight Watchers Diet Menu with Tips for Healthy Eating

By gagan in Diet
It has been said that sort is the flavor of life, and that is absolutely real as wearisome to eat an active diet. No person likes to eat the similar item continually, and disinterest is the attacker of an active diet for health. Luckily for those irr...

01st December 2009

Why Some Children Don't Like to Read

Are you troubled by your child's disinterest in reading? Maybe you have a young child just learning to read. You try to encourage the learning by reading together. However, each reading session is a struggle. Your child shuns it like a hated vegetable . O...

17th September 2009


Anastasia international anti-scam project is a service dedicated to preventing social crimes and frauds in cases of international dating. The company has an extensive database which has been checked personally by their team. They also provide corresponden...

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