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13th July 2011

Fruit Smoothies and Mint Mojitos Are Welcome Relief From the Heat

Summer has not arrived yet and we are already in the midst of our second heat wave. Temperatures are expected to reach close 99 degrees today and the air is heavy with humidity. I find myself daydreaming of frozen fruit cocktails and a swim in the ocean...

04th April 2011

The Historical past of Disneyland

It is really much the American dream to set your ambitions higher no issue how excellent they are, and one particular guy did just that to turn out to be a worldwide synonym for a magical, fantasy-globe adventure for youngsters. In 1950, Walt Disney first...

30th July 2010

Air Conditioning Maintenance London - Useful Tips to Keep the System Fit & Fresh

A Brief Introduction of Air Conditioning Maintenance London: London offers a temperate marine climate. The city experiences the soaring temperature in the summer and plunging mercury level in the winter. Even for a couple of days or weeks the residents in...

10th June 2010

What Happened to Horror?

What ever happened to great horror movies? It seems that over the past few years, decent horror movies have been few and far between. I fear that the horror genre is in the process of fizzling out. What is the cause for the pitfall of my favorite movies? ...

24th May 2010

The recent effects of climate change

In case you didn't notice, January to March 2010 has been recorded as the earth's fourth hottest period ever, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The scorching heat caused by global warming is just one of the pheno...

12th March 2010

What are the Global Warming Effects?

Nowadays, there are more and more industry and transportation influence the environment where we live. As we know, people around the world have felt global warming effects. This is the situation when the temperature of the world has been increased extreme...

05th March 2010

Richard Castle’s Heat Wave

Richard Castle, role played by Nathan Fillion, is a television fictional character who's a novelist exploring his following book. He is acquiring his background data by chasing along with an NYPD police detective, Kate Beckett, acted on TV by Stana Katic....

08th January 2010

Global Warming – Hard facts

Global warming is the most dangerous issue happening right before our eyes. In common we call it as the increase in temperature of earths near surface. This rise in temperature is resultant of the increase in the green house gases produced by various sour...

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