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18th July 2011

Disaster Preparedness after Joplin, MO

Late April and May of 2011 have proven to have been exceptionally violent months for tornadoes in the USA. Hundreds of these storms have been sweeping across the mid and southern states, leaving paths of destruction in their wake. April 24th a total ...

15th June 2011

nair for men

Men commonly grow extra amounts of hairs which can be rough and bushy. Well luckily for us men that want to get rid of any unwanted hairs around our body, Nair for men is a hair removal product range especially designed to get rid of the tough hairs that ...

12th April 2011

Saving Money for College: 10 Ways to Live Frugally

Living frugally while in college is almost a rite of passage in these tough economic times. The student usually has little money to live on while taking classes. Most of the money is spent on college tuition, room and board and books. Some students find i...

04th April 2011

Choosing Skins For Your Phone Can Be Fun

iPhones are one of the hottest cell phones available nowadays due to their substantial array of programs and customizations. It is a fashion accessory must have. One way to ensure it is even more personalized and more unique for you, is by using iPhone 4 ...

17th November 2010

How To Use Hair Removal Creams

There are several different methods to choose from for hair removal. The most common choices include shaving with a razor, depilating and epilating. Epilating involves removing the root of the hair from under the skin. Pulling the hair out, such as...

16th June 2010

Cell Phone Pouch- To give your cell phone a layer of protection

In this day and age, cell phones are no longer a luxury. They are very much a necessity considering that they grant us the ability to with anybody instantly. And this is why accessories have become a necessity—they keep these devices well protected from...

18th June 2009

4 Steps To Amazing Flawless Skin!

Haven't you always wanted to have a flawless complexion? While make-up can help you camouflage some of the flaws, you need to practice proper skin care to get a naturally healthy glow that lasts forever.Here are five features to make your complexion flawl...

06th June 2009

Skin Care For Neck & Décolleté Areas

There are a plethora of skin care regimen options for your face, be it anti-aging or just treating acne. However, in their pursuit for facial beauty and skin care, women often end up ignoring skin care for their neck and décolleté areas.Your neck, déco...

01st May 2009

Green hotel products

The green Hospitality has come a long way from the normal thatched-roof bungalows and on-staff naturalists. All the hotels new or old has started taking environmental measures in account. In accordance with it few hotels have decorated few rooms using env...

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