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14th March 2011

Confirmed Products Combatting Hair Loss for Males and Ladies

Nowadays hair loss will not be solely a priority for males but in addition for females. Hair loss impacts immediately one’s self-confidence and in addition creates mental humiliation. Hence there are many actually good hair loss products out there on the ...

14th October 2010

Hair Transplant- New Generation is the best hair loss treatment for men

There are many Hair Transplant on the market for men that claim to take care of hair loss problems don't trust all you hear, many such claims ultimately aggravate your situation rather than helping you in any way. New Generation is the best hair loss trea...

14th October 2010

Hair Transplant recently approved for hair growth and includes a high-estrogens

However Hair Transplant treatments that use pharmaceutical medicines and surgery are expensive and come with some risks and harmful side effects. Hair loss in men is mainly caused by the male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body. In the case of w...

07th January 2010

Men Hair Loss Vitamins

If you ask any doctor, they will tell you that the first thing they look at - for any problem pertaining to hair loss, is the dietary nutrition of the patient. This is because majority of hair loss cases are due to the lack of proper nutrients to have a h...

23rd December 2009

Hair Loss Prevention Products

Hair growth restoration is now a multi-billion dollar industry that has countless products claiming to help hair loss sufferers regain their full set of hair. But as everyone in the medical community knows, the world is still far off from getting a lastin...

23rd December 2009

Hair Loss and Baldness Solution Just Around the Corner

People who are experiencing loss of hair these days are quite lucky, as there now is a hair loss and baldness solution that works wonders. A number of hair loss treatments are available on the market that people with thinning hair or balding can actually...

22nd December 2009

Natural Cure for Baldness

By the age of 50, at least fifty percent of men will suffer from baldness. However, without clear understanding of the cause of baldness, a cure for baldness will be a scientific illusion. Today, industries that dedicate their time and money to find the...

03rd December 2009

Get Smart—Hair Replacement Options For You

If you are like me, chances are you probably give time and spend some on hair products and treatments to achieve healthy and shiny hair. As a matter of fact we take extra care as to what we eat just to make sure that our hair looks amazing. Our hair c...

30th October 2009

Hair loss is not only restricted to people of middle age or old age, it may even strike children.

Tinea Capsistis - is a fungal infection of the scalp, hair follicles, eyebrows and lashes. The more common name for this condition is ringworm of the scalp. The fungus invades the hair shafts and the hair breaks of at the scalp line, leaving a stubbly loo...

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