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30th January 2012

Keep the Yummy Stuff in Your Diet

My philosophy on staying healthy is to keep everything in balance. Have a slice of pizza, don't eat the whole pie. Have a brownie; just don't eat the whole pan. You have to enjoy life and enjoy food. If you start making certain food or ...

04th February 2011

Diet Programs And Meals - The Pasta Diet

The Pasta Diet focuses on glucides that are mostly supplied by pasta. By following this diet you eliminate fats and rapidly digested sugar from your plate. In its place you will focus on proteins and slowly digested sugar. You may lose a maximum of 3 kilo...

08th December 2010

Diet Plans And Menus - The Miami Diet

The Miami Diet, also known as the South Beach Diet, was created by Arthur Agatson, a cardiologist. This diet places an accent on consuming proteins, good glucides, and good lipids. During the two-week long initial phase you eliminate a large number of lip...

07th December 2010

Lasting Weight Loss

Do you need to find the answer to lasting weight loss? Is permanent weight loss important to you? Dropping extra weight and keeping it off is really what a lot of people need to achieve. Of course, it's also good to drop weight as quickly as poss...

07th November 2010

Easy Methods To Reduce Inches Off Your Waistline In Just A Week

How to eliminate inches off your waist in only 7 days is surely a tough challenge, particularly when you realize the clock is ticking and time is running out! Asian women have utilized different solutions to lose weight swiftly that can work within just ...

12th March 2010

What eating routine is certainly best for your family?

Fat accumulates in time, but we all want to be rid of it fast. The problem is that everyone is eager to melt fat overnight, which is why you may often set some unrealistic time limits. Losing a pound per day sound great, but the pressure put on the body i...

11th March 2010

What eating regimen is best for your family?

When you feel uncomfortable because of some nasty extra pounds, it is only natural to look for fast ways to lose weight. The majority of the solutions available as fast ways to lose weight usually give unrealistic hopes. Some people want to lose ten pound...

17th December 2009

Portion Sizes The Easy Way

Unfortunately many of us are in the custom of heaping up the plate at meal times, and if we were brought up with the notion that we must consume everything perhaps with a reminder of people less fortunate who would be thankful for everything we th...

03rd June 2009

How to loose weight easily

Are you tired from feeling, fat, bloated and heavy? It's time for you to lose the weight. You need to be very certain you really want it, because most of your efforts will be based on your faith in the beginning. Do you have a lot of patience and desire? ...

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