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03rd March 2011

Fundamentals of Art and Design

What is art? This question has enamoured artists through the ages. How could it be circumscribed in a definition frame? This matter has brought many veteran scholars to ponder on the matter. Consequently, many expert persons belong to the concern domain ...

23rd September 2010

Legal Issues on Divorcing

Divorcing does not simply mean that two people are separated physically and that they are free from liabilities they had during marriage. Divorce is a legal matter. Divorce does not only include signing of documents. The process in divorce differs dependi...

17th May 2010

Waste Management : Manage your Waste

We're not talking about Waste Management, Inc., we're going to talk about Managing your Waste; like separating certain things & stuff like that. The technical definition for Waste Management is : The gathering, transfer, processing, recycling, disposal, &...

08th January 2010

Having Your Ducts Cleaned

In homes heated by forced air, the duct system is an important component of the structure and should be kept clean and free of debris. Duct cleaning is sometimes viewed as a controversial issue. Most agree that even if the results are minimal, it may stil...

01st December 2009

Pallets: Wooden or Plastic? Which Is Greener?

Do you remember all those years ago, when you went to the supermarket and were asked; paper or plastic? The introduction of plastic products gave consumers a variety. At the time, many of us pondered; 'save a tree, use plastic'. Plastic bags se...

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