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16th July 2012

Is Upgrading the Shelter Homes Enough?

Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board is planning to modernize the shelter homes in Delhi and is also building few more shelters for homeless. But will that be enough to keep the homeless away from the street sides at night? Delhi Urban Shelter Improve...

31st March 2011

Buying to Remodel and Going Green at the Same Time

With the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, more homes are coming available in older, established neighborhoods. Buying to remodel is increasingly common. The new homeowners want the big lots and beautiful shade trees close to schools and other communit...

14th December 2010

Garden Essentials Accessories- Tools for Gardening Activities

Although many people associate with spring and summer garden, the garden can give you satisfaction throughout the year and many people take gardening as a rewarding hobby that not only provide their homes with green areas and luxuriant beauty of flowers, ...

14th April 2010

Going Green - Going Green Will Help You to Get More Money on Your Homes

According to National Association of Home Builders survey report, most of the buyers are interested to purchase green homes in these days. Most of the people are considering that energy efficiency is a very important factor when shopping for a home. And s...

21st September 2009

Why I Would Buy the Echo PB251 Blower

Producers of leaf blowers have had to think carefully about the new laws relating to noise and air pollution released from gas driven power tools. Out of all of these implements the gas blower has had the worst record in creating great levels of noise pol...

11th May 2009

BOB Strollers

A baby's stroller is one of the most important pieces of baby gear you will ever buy. You need to make sure that your little passenger will be riding in something safe, dependable and comfortable. By doing so you will insure that your little one is taken ...

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