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25th June 2010

HTC Wildfire - A Superb Web Browsing Device

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has been busy lately with a number of new handset releases. The latest of these is the Wildfire, a stunning new offering from the manufacturer. Given its list of features, the HTC Wildfire is a surprisingly slimline at just...

17th June 2010

Samsung Galaxy S: Got everything in style

Samsung is know for its extraordinary and different style. The gadgets that this company manufactures are not only stylish but also very high tech. Samsung Galaxy S is the latest mobile phone from this company and is extremely good. As the name suggests t...

04th June 2010

Google Nexus Deals – A Device that will Dazzle your Mind

Google Nexus, designed by the Taiwan based HTC, has finally hit the market. The Nexus One has all the features you would expect from a state-of-the-art mobile phone. Standing at dimensions of 119 x 59.8 x 11.5 mm and weighing at 130gms, this phone can tak...

21st May 2010

Google Nexus One vs Motorola Milestone

When we compare Motorola Milestone and Google Nexus One, it is nothing short of the clash of the biggies, rather the bests in the business. The concept of Android is not very old in the field of the smartphones, but its popularity has increased tremendou...

16th February 2010

Studio Lighting – Accessories II

Slave units In the usual set-up, the flash connected to the camera is the master light. When this unit fires, sensors, known as "slaves", attached to any other lights, fire their-flash units in synchronization. This removes the need for all flash units ...

08th February 2010

Will the Google Nexus One change the face of mobile phones?

There is no doubt that the Google Nexus One is a comprehensively functional handset with an appealing style. One of its many facets is its 3.7 inch AMOLED display screen, which offers excellent colour reproduction and touch screen technology. The phone ...

21st January 2010

Introducing the Google Nexus One

Much has been written recently about the Google Nexus One, and justifiably so as it is Google's first entry into the mobile phone market. Announced to the world by fanfare, its entrance into the mobile phone market is turning heads. The handset incorporat...

20th October 2009

Stay tuned with Nokia N97

Nokia mobile phones launched a new mobile phone named Nokia N97 which is an attractive 3G Smartphone with many built in business & entertainment features to suit today's mobile phone users. The Nokia N97 with feature like Push Email (SMTP, IMAP4 & POP3...

22nd September 2009

Specifications of Motorola U9

Firstly, unlike many cell phones that boast MP3 player functionality by way of a supplementary function, the Motorola U9 seems to have turned the tables somewhat in being primarily a feature rich MP3 player that comes with integral cell phone functionalit...

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