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11th July 2011

3 Advantages of Embroidery Work

This activity has been used for generations and modern technology has made it more efficient. Embroidery work is found on many household items such as curtains, clothes, beddings, amongst others, as well as industrial items such as worker’s uniforms, over...

19th January 2011

Awnings And Door Canopies: Decreasing Energy Consumption

Awnings, or what are many times labeled as overhangs, are generally described as covers that are affixed to the exterior wall of a building. Usually, it's made from canvass woven polymer, polyester, vinyl, aluminum, iron, steel and sometimes even wood. Th...

23rd September 2010

Best Ways to Stretch Your Scrapbooking Budget

Best Ways to Stretch Your Scrapbooking BudgetIsn’t it amazing how quickly your scrapbooking budget maxes out? It is so hard to go into a craft store and just stick to the essentials. There is always something new and exciting coming out in scrapbooking st...

31st July 2009

Spanish Style Clip Earrings

The last weeks of summer are a time for savoring lazy days in the sun and squeezing in those last vacation get-a-ways. But if you can't make it south of the border to Mexico, you can still wear jewelry inspired by the Latin flavors and sights and sounds o...

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