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28th September 2011

Hair removal in different social and cultural contexts

There are many reasons why hair removal is mandated. For some people, it is a religious tradition that must be observed. Monks of some religions have rituals wherein they completely shave their heads. In sports, some athletes like swimmers and cyclists, r...

24th May 2011

The Huge Bang Principle Forged

The Huge Bang Idea is a show with a increasing acceptance. This tv sitcom is about 4 extremely intelligent co-employees at a science university, who stay their personalized lives in the fantasy planet of science fiction television, comic books, and video ...

19th May 2011

Cell Phone Jammer is the Ideal Solution to Get Rid of Noise Problem

The excessive use of cell phones has created a backlash in the society. While some phone users maintain social norms talking over phone, many others noisily chat about their personal, professional or business talk in public areas. On buses, trains, shoppi...

06th April 2011

Distressing Effects of Abuse on Children

Child abuse leaves a deep scar in the hearts and minds of children. It is no less than a crime, a crime that takes away the joy of childhood. Sadly, the abusers are friends, family, neighbors, and relatives who dont even give a second thought when abusin...

07th December 2010

Putting a touch of you into your DIY Invitations

Exclusive functions are supposed to often be commemorated and merrymaking events are best loved together with good friends, family as well as loved ones. Whether you are celebrating a birthday celebration, an engagement or even a wedding ceremony, there's...

18th February 2010

Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit – The Best ONE out there!

Have you seen a parrot? It's sweet, innocent, intelligent, aristocratic yet useful - all at the same time! And so are the Parrot Bluetooth car kits. No, they don't eat chilies but sure they make give you a real warm driving experience. There are certai...

16th December 2009

Society-Mirror Of Our Behavior

Society is said to be a manner or condition in which a group of people resides together in a community for individual's mutual benefit. As a whole it represents the people of a region or country sometimes world as a whole. If taken in the sense of coaliti...

25th November 2009

Grab After Miss Julie Tickets Online!

Here comes a shockingly vivid Broadway play about class and relationships by Patrick Marber. The name is "After Miss Julie." Inspired by the famous 1888 play titled "Miss Julie" by August Strindberg, this Broadway production revolves around a rich girl wh...

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