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06th January 2011

Christmas Quiz and Christmas Trivia Questions

A Christmas quiz has always been popular and is a great way to attract seasonal customers into your pub, bar or social club. In fact, hospitals and convalescent homes also run Christmas quizzes because there is something about them appeals to people. ...

18th November 2010

Christmas Pay Monthly Phones The holiday offers

Festivals always bring with them great offers in the market. Every time the holidays approach the market is flooded by various schemes which are offered to customers. The holidays provide customers with reasons to shop which is makes the sellers that much...

08th January 2010

Are You Feeling the effects of Hoilday Overindulgence?

The holidays are a wonderful time, spent with family and friends, whether at home or on vacation. They are unfortunately also a time of over-eating, over-drinking and under-exercising. Family meals, alcohol and eggnog, Christmas pudding and pies and all t...

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