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03rd October 2011

Let's Enjoy Life, Let's Party

“When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do", the world knows it, and we Romans know it better than the world. Even when it comes to partying we can show the world what an actual nightlife is. Roman nightlife is an enviable nightlife, an example setter of ...

28th September 2011

Plan A Graduation Party Perfectly

You may have taken part in various kinds of parties like graduation parties,family celebrations,prom dance and so on wearing your charming party dresses.And if you are still students,a graduation party will mean a lot to you.Graduates love to have a place...

21st September 2011

Photo Booth Hire Brisbane

A photo booth is a great way to add an extra element to an event and there are a great number of reasons that you might use a photo booth. For instance it can be highly useful for promoting a business as it is a great draw that will bring people over. Her...

18th May 2011

Checklist for Ordering Graduation Party Invitations

Did you know that more than three million high school students graduate in the United States each year? It's not hard to see why most of us spend our May and June weekends attending graduation parties and open houses for graduating friends and family. Whi...

03rd May 2011

Graduation Party Basics - Date, Time, Location Then Invitations

Every year more than three million young people graduate from high school in the United States. It is no wonder that most of us spend every weekend from the end of May to the middle of June attending graduation parties and open houses for the graduating t...

15th January 2010

Do You Really Need to Send Save the Date Cards?

Invitations, according to tradition, are sent out 6-8 weeks ahead of time. Save-The-Date cards are usually sent out about six months ahead of time to give guests advance notice of your wedding day such that intended guests don't plan vacations or parties...

17th April 2009

Want to Party Planning? Hire Party Planner!!

Planning a fancy party can not be a regular event for us, but from time to time we may need to provide one. The graduation parties, wedding receptions, your first book published are just some of the possible reasons of an extraordinary party. This part wi...

09th April 2009

It's Celebration Time With Graduation Invitations

Graduation is your time to celebrate all of your hard work up to this point, whether is college or high school this will be a moment to remember. It's been a long road traveled to get to where you are today and it deserves its own level of festivities to...

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