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07th December 2010

Delinquent Tax Sale Rebuilds County's Accounts

Throughout the state, there is a common problem that is also being faced in many areas around this country. There are properties facing foreclosure. This is not always because the mortgage payments are late, but rather that the owner or owners have failed...

27th April 2010

Why Earmarks Never Benefit Average Taxpayers

This article attmpets to prove the folloiwng hypothesis: "Congressional earmarks never benefit the average taxpayer and provide advantage only to incumbent politicians." Federal budget earmarks are specific financial grants of taxpayer money to bus...

30th December 2009

401(k) Tax Advantages

Investing in a 401(k) has some significant tax advantages for you. These tax advantages are provided for you by the government as an incentive for you to fund your own retirement. The government needs as many people as possible to fund their own retirem...

23rd October 2009

Infertility Cost

Health insurances normally only cover some of the cost of certain infertility treatments. If you have a health insurance policy that do cover fertility treatment then it is very important to know what is and what isn't covered. Your doctors office c...

24th July 2009

Better You Than Me

Well its official…we're being sold out. You've heard the phrase about getting a taste of your own medicine? Well the medicine we're talking about is the health care plan the government wants you to have…but doesn't want to take themselves. L...

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