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04th August 2011

Why solar panels are more popular than ever

The use of solar panels in homes and businesses has become more popular than ever. The price of solar panels is now at a level where many home and business owners are able to afford them. In order to understand solar energy and why it is so popular, here ...

21st September 2010

Energy Challenges by Frederic Gaspoz

Our society evolves towards an increase in oil production. As it needs to always make progress, it leads to a continuous increase of demand for products and services in developed countries. Frederic Gaspoz explains that the effectiveness of the energy use...

24th June 2010

The Best Way To Conserve Electric Power In Your Household

Many of us are searching for different electric power sources these days because the expense of electrical energy continues to increase. When people talk about electrical power bills the expression "steep" always pops up! However the hunt for alternati...

11th May 2010

This Business About Trying To Be Green Can Be Complicated

Cathedral Ceilings Add to Our Home Heating Bill. We have been working on our house for some time to lower our carbon footprint. We have put in better plumbing, and are gradually buying more energy efficient appliances. We also unplug most things that h...

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