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15th March 2011

Alert Dogs Make Desirable Poses

Dogs often act like humans during the most inconvenient times. People and not just dog owners think that pets are almost human and deserving of affection since they can understand and exhibit human emotions. The success of animal portraits is due to the r...

22nd March 2010

5 Fun Science Toys for Tots

It's amazing how from a very young age some children seem to have a natural interest in certain objects or subjects. Honing in on these interests is a great way, not only to connect with your kids, but also to help them learn. Play time is probably one of...

07th December 2009

Dahle 564 Premium 14.5 Inch Guillotine Cutter With Laser Review

Folding paper can be fun. Just think of origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into cranes and samurais and such. But when it comes to folding paper at work, only one word comes to mind: tedium. Folding your correspondence, invoices, marketing informa...

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