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20th March 2012

March paper triket

Finally, Spring is here! As March is the month of women and of course, the month of M?rti?or ([m?rtsi?or]), I want to show a less expensive and symbolic alternative for the traditional presents for the women in your life such as your mother, sister, wife,...

27th June 2011

Best 3 Greatest Approaches to Immediate a Product to Pose for a Picture Shoot

Working with a number of distinctive styles, I have identified a variety of helpful methods in buy to get the designs observe my directions with ease. Below I have outlined three different tactics, that I am certain you will discover them valuable.Guidebo...

22nd June 2011

Top 3 Best Ways to Direct a Model to Pose for a Photo Shoot

Top 3 Best Ways to Direct a Model to Pose for a Photo Shoot A common situation that a photographer is confronted with quite often is the proper way a model should be directed, in order to follow your directions. There is a fine line between guiding the...

17th November 2010

The Scent Makes The Man

A great scent can be intoxicating. It adds to your appearance and generally makes you more welcome and appealing to others. Men should not skip this essential step when getting dressed for the day, because putting on your scent is as important as puttin...

01st August 2009

Makeup Box

Makeup boxes are synonyms to women. Where there is a woman there is a makeup box. If you come across some beautiful box or container seeming like a makeup kit / box, unclaimed, it is guaranteed that the first question will come in your mind be, where is t...

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