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14th June 2011

Billing Process of Divorce Lawyers

If you are thinking about divorce and need to know how divorce lawyers bill the process, you can be sure it is a very complicated process and does not entail just one single thing. There is an entire structure divorce lawyers do, and the fees may not alwa...

11th April 2011

The Continuing Tale of the Volkswagen Law

If you assume that the situation on Volkswagen law is finished then you are mistaken. In the Situation C-112/05, Commission of the European Communities vs . Federal Republic of Germany, the Advocate Standard Mr. Ruiz-Jarabo is one with the view stating th...

26th August 2010

What Happens to your 401k when you are Divorced?

Throughout your working years, you have built up a huge nest egg of retirement savings, probably a joint account with your spouse. However, what happens to this 401k plan if you go through a divorce? If you undergo a divorce, your spouse and any dependent...

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