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23rd June 2011

London Fashion Photographer

Who can you rely on for top quality fashion photography London? Most agencies use a professional London Fashion Photographer that has a wealth of experience in this highly specialist sector. The London Fashion Photographer takes a range of pictures for...

02nd January 2011

Fashion photography London from

I think most non-experts would assume that if you can take decent photographs you can take photos of everything. However this is not the case, although some photographers would have you believe otherwise. Taking a photo of someone in a studio for examp...

03rd December 2010

The Intricate Meaning of Fashion Photography and Advertising in Brisbane Simplified

Fashion has been on the hype ever since style in clothing has made a never erasable mark in the mind of an observer as well as the wearer. Every human being wants to be the center of all attention. Therefore, the art of fashion has got a great deal of imp...

02nd September 2010

Itís not just the lights!

If you do a proper research for your lightings and set it according to the ambience you want for your picture it is not enough to get a proper frame. Also if you feel that getting a beautiful and perfect looking model can make your photography work wonder...

22nd March 2010

Another cycle of Model premieres on the cw on Dish Network

Premiering the CW on Dish Network is a new cycle of "America's Next Top Model" - cycle 13 to be exact. Can you believe there have been 12 of these already? "America's Next Top Model" is a reality tv show in which a group of girls compete to get their star...

03rd February 2010

Michael Belk: Profile of an Award-Winning Christian Photographer

By his own account, Michael Belk has lived a blessed life. As a worldly fashion photographer, he has been one of the best. His work has appeared in Vogue, Elle, GQ and Vanity Fair. And his clients have been a constellation unto themselves: Nautica, J.Crew...

25th November 2009

Helena Christensen Supermodell

Helena Christensen is a Danish supermodel that has been in the business for 30 years! She started modeling when she was just a little girl of the age 9. When she grew up, Helena Christensen was more into music, and wanted to become a musician. In 1986 s...

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