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09th March 2011

Satellite Phone Rental

Communication is a vital part of any job, yet there are some positions in which the standard mobile phone cannot be used. This is because network providers do not extend their services to remote areas where certain types of professionals may be operating....

21st January 2011

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Programs

There are many varieties of diet programs that promote or claim to achieve rapid weight loss. Of these many programs, or systems, there are basically 3 main categories. These are as follows: 1. A Liquid-Based Detox Diet This style of fast weight los...

14th December 2010

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-parenting after a Divorce

Divorce is hard and can be made even harder when you have children. No parent wants to be away from their kids, something that is the case for many divorced parents. For some co-parenting is the best option. Co-parenting is where children live with each p...

08th July 2010

Keeping in contact whilst travelling abroad

Travelling abroad for lengthy periods of time is now a common occurrence, with many people choosing to spend their retirement partly in the United Kingdom and partly in a warmer country. A lot of people have to spend considerable time abroad for their wor...

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