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17th May 2011

Choose the Right Cosmetic Packaging to Create Brand Awareness

A distinctive style based around unique packaging is key in gaining a customer’s attention. Cosmetic packaging has become more innovative as consumers continue to demand convenience and performance in their cosmetic purchases. Consumers today shop across ...

06th April 2011

Cosmetic Packaging: Important Facets to Be Considered

Every product that is launched in the market today entices consumers by making tall promises. There are various brands in cosmetic stores that are vying for the attention of potential customers. Many products in the market may not succeed in grabbing the ...

21st March 2011

Trends in Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetics are all about good looks. And that goes for their packaging too. The packagings of cosmetic products are of utmost significance as it is one of the factors that influences a customer’s decision to buy a product. Of course, it not only keeps the ...

23rd April 2010

Hair Glue - Does it Really Make Your Hair Stand on End?

So what exactly is hair glue? Hair glue is a sculpting product and is not to be confused with extension glue which stylists use to attach extensions to real human hair. It allows the stylist to create works of art when it comes to the latest styles. Many ...

27th November 2009

Feeling Better With Face Makeup

Face makeup is a necessity for many women, it is a part of who they are and helps how they feel about themselves. It is a part of their daily routine and it is sometimes reflective in the self-esteem that is felt. Makeup makes girls feel pretty and beauti...

25th November 2009

Pure Truth about ‘All Natural’ Products & Other Beauty Myths

Myth: "All Natural" Beauty Products Are Best Pure Truth: First of all, there are not really any ‘all natural' products available for commercial sale. Unless you make them yourself, and are prepared to refrigerate them & use them within a few days, you...

12th June 2009

Green Blue Ray: For Eco-Friendly Entertainment

In the race to produce better, more efficient and environment-friendly products, Blue Ray has managed to squeeze in a victory by becoming the first facility to boast of earth-friendly manufacturing processes. It's entertainment with an eco-friendly twist...

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