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19th October 2011

Attention Guaranteed By Live News

We study many subjects in our school and college time. Among all others there is History. We study History (of our nation as well as world starting with stone age as the human race evolved to intelligence) to remain aware of our past that has led to the p...

24th May 2011

History of the Straight Razor and How it Can Give You a Much better Shave

This article will give a short historical past of straight blade razor and then the pros and cons of using a directly shaving set.For people who are clueless to this matter, effectively, it is in fact a razor with a blade you can place into it's manage. I...

09th May 2011

How the internet has changed the way we communicate

When we think back to the ways people communicated before the web, it practically feels like we’re stepping back into the stone age. What with letters from the postal service and telephones being the only way to talk to anyone who lived far away from yo...

15th February 2011

Acquiring the Most Out of Usenet Newsgroups

There should be some thing excellent about Usenet. Following all, this service has been in continuous use since 1981. In terms of engineering, it might as well have been invented in the Stone Age. This does beg the query: Why do folks preserve coming back...

04th February 2011

The Benefits of Eating Paleo and Primal Food

An increasing number of people are becoming interested in palaeolithic, primal, stone-age or cave-man diets and exercise regimes. It is proving to be one of the best ways to lose body fat and help people achieve the healthy and fit bodies they desire. It ...

25th November 2010


Man is the most powerful animal on this earth today he is so powerful that he can destroy this planet 10 times over. And he is the weakest being in the nature’s creation as well in terms of survival. Yet he dominates this planet with one tool – intelligen...

13th August 2010

Easy Way To Lose Weight Fast - Back To The Stone Age

By Xana in Diet
So you cannot lose weight no matter what you do, you're even eating less, but still can't shift it. You go down the gym and start exercising only to be told you're fit and fat. So what do you do and what is the solution? Is there a diet out there that wil...

20th July 2010

Best Tweezers

The tweezer, the invention of which dates back to the Stone Age, is now a universally-used tool as common in operating rooms as it is in home medicine cabinets. And even though your needs may be quite different from those of a skilled surgeon, there are l...

01st March 2010

Why Wood Burns Easily?

This sounds like a question of the Stone Age. All grade school students have probably done an experiment relating to this in their science class or in their backyard. The moral of the story is to keep the matchsticks away from misguided children. All l...

19th May 2009

Verizion Fios-High Speed Internet website offers sound advice

Fiber optic is the future of high speed internet. It offers speeds that other forms of internet connection simply cannot match. Gone are the days when dial up or cable where acceptable, everyone is now clamouring for the best speed available. A leading we...

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