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20th April 2011

Murphy Beds Are Popular Once more!

Murphy Beds were initially devised and patented in 1916 by William Murphy as a space saver for little rooms. As households, accommodations and even military areas had been functioning on European criteria, rooms were manufactured more compact which allowe...

15th February 2010

The Green Myth of Eco Towns

Eco Towns, initially proposed in 2007 as zero carbon, energy efficient settlements, intended to cut emissions and allow a sustainable lifestyle. This in theory works, however, to allow development a vast amount of Greenfield land needs to be made availabl...

25th November 2009

Refurbished Refrigerated Centrifuges

Refrigerated centrifuges are widely used in laboratories for centrifugation of temperature sensitive materials for various clinical applications. Usually these devices demand huge investments, which can be easily avoided by using refurbished products, ins...

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