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27th January 2010

Adanced Power & Energy Transportation

I have recently been in contact with Andrew Huang who is CEO at APES (HK) Ltd. They have set up a new project called APET. APET stands for ADVANCED POWER AND ENERGY TRANSPORTATION, & the company are developing an electric car that could have a great i...

15th December 2009

Auckland Zoo taking credulity to a new low on palm oil

In a case of ultimate irony, the Auckland Zoo recently launched a campaign called "Don't Palm Us Off". Calling on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand to legislate to label palm oil on all food products that contain the ingredient, the zoo labeled pa...

11th September 2009

Coconut Oil - A Bunch Of Reasons It Optimizes Health & Wellbeing

Most of us have been conditioned to literally cringe at the mention of the words "saturated fat". Images of heart disease, obesity and poor health are conjured with the very thought! However, not all saturated fats were created equal. There needs to be ...

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