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01st February 2011

Global warming-Not good for world

The people, who read this article, please try to get answers for my questions. Why the climate now is so cold? Why there is heavy rainfall in some part of the countries? Why big glacier mountains are getting melted? Why the life span of people in many co...

03rd December 2010

Bird repellent how to repel?

Birds are creatures. But some time birds are harmful in some places. So we have to use bird control techniques. Why to use bird repellents? When doing exclusion is certain that you are not trapping birds inside where they may then die. The pigeons are ver...

23rd February 2010

Ecosystem Degradation – Moral Responsibility Towards Planet!

World's eco system has witnessed massive changes in the last 50 years. This has had adverse effects on the living creatures, atmosphere and the environment on the whole. Ecosystem degradation : Human actions have solely contributed to this eco syst...

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