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01st November 2012

Choose Diamond Rings With Love and Care

Wedding rings are the most tediously searched for and bought jewel in a lifetime of a person. Both the groom as well as the bride is immensely excited about this aspect of a wedding. But the process of finding the most suitable diamond ring is an effo...

26th May 2011

A good deed

I took the bus to work almost every day, except on rare occurrences like if there was lot of snow on the ground and the city transportation stopped functioning, or if I had to go somewhere else that morning that perhaps the subway would get me to faster...

16th July 2009

Suggestions on buying a diamond ring

For many men buying a wedding ring is the big issue rather than wedding itself. So it has to be of great quality either as a present or purchase as your own wedding ring. Cost does not factor as far as the quality is concern. It can be less or more but co...

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