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30th March 2011

The Fellowes Powershred HS-880 Shredder: A Review

Trying to comply with federal privacy laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can be difficult without the right equipment. To comply, you need a high-security paper shredder such as the Fellowes Powershred HS-880. Thi...

16th March 2011

Six Essential Laminating Accessories

A laminator is an excellent tool for creating, protecting, and preserving a wide variety of materials. From small ID making machines up to large roll laminators, they can coat just about anything flat and preserve it for years to come. Several tools are a...

15th June 2010

Martin Yale 2000 Cross Cut Shredder Review

One choice among many deskside shredders is the dependable Martin Yale 2000 Cross Cut Shredder. Small dimensions on this device offer easy storage without compromising quality. The cross cutting blades dice up paperwork and other media into small pa...

08th January 2010

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Fellowes Powershred C-420 Paper Shredder

Every medium-sized office can use a good paper shredder these days and it is never been easier to find one. One of the best is the Fellowes PowerShred C-420, a device with an excellent shredding capacity and continuous duty motor that makes it ideal for u...

10th December 2009

A Look at Dahle High-Capacity Shredders

When it comes to paper shredders, people often want to know if the machine they're buying is a high-capacity machine. This is definitely an important factor to consider when buying a paper shredder, because the higher a machine's shredding capacity, the m...

09th December 2009

Five Things That Make the Dahle 20434DS Paper Shredder Stand Out

Sometimes you may need to shred confidential documents even when you're out in the field or. If that's the case, the Dahle 20434DS high-security paper shredder can be of use. This is a great paper shredder that has the ultimate feature: portability. You c...

26th November 2009

Martin Yale 2000 Strip-Cut Shredder Review

Martin Yale's 2000 strip-cut paper shredder is definitely an improvement over their respectable 1000 strip-cut machine. The Martin Yale 2000 has many features that you expect to find in higher-end machines, but this machine comes at a low price (less than...

24th November 2009

Intimus Pro 32CC Cross-Cut Shredder Review

The all new Intimus Pro 32CC paper shredder is a welcome addition to Intimus' already impressive shredder lineup. Intimus is currently one of the top shredder manufacturers and because of products like the 32CC, it's easy to see why. This review will look...

24th November 2009

Intimus Pro 26CC 5-32" X 1 1-8" Cross Cut Shredder Review

When it comes to paper shredders, Intimus is definitely a name to look for. Their powerful yet affordable paper shredders offer some of the best features currently available while still providing the security you need when shredding private documents. Int...

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