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15th August 2011

Charity For Children Give Our Youth A Better Future

The children are said to be the hope of the future which is the reason why they need all the love and support that they can get. Love and support is something that parents give to their children but the sad truth is that not all children have parents to t...

10th August 2011

How You Can Eliminate Stretch Marks The Natural and Safe Way

It is everyoneís fear to see stretchmarks on their body, but the sad truth is that we are all prone to have these frustrating marks on our skin. It really is wrong to believe that only being pregnant can cause a woman to develop stretch marks. A change in...

14th June 2011

weighty matters

WEIGHTY MATTERS Why did you just sigh? Why is it that anything with the word weight in it causes a sigh? Donít you just hate it when those skinny bitches, who have 500 grams to loose, hear that word and sigh? Donít you just hate it when skinny bitches ...

01st June 2011

A representation of politics and crime

Crime is any action that is against law but law came very later. Crime is self explanatory in its own ways and manners. We know about it even before consciously doing it. This happens because it is built in our system from our parents and caretakers. We l...

15th December 2010

Choose the right mineral cosmetics for your skin

Donít follow any attractive advertisements blindly for fair, soothing and blemishing skin, if you are still confuse in choosing the right product then it is always better to go for the natural solutions. Because it is a sad truth that, most of the compa...

25th May 2010

What is Involved in a Divorce

The decision to file for divorce can be a difficult one. Most people believe that their marriages are solid but the sad truth is that many couples do get divorced. Every state has different laws to deal with divorce, so it is important for the individua...

10th March 2010

Into Child Psychology: Compensating the Needs of the Youth

It is interesting enough to work at a temporary shelter catering to less fortunate youths. The best part of it was not just by merely being part of their lives but them being part of yours. There is this certain excitement as they smile and hug and tell h...

11th January 2010

Why Most US Proven Home Business Systems Dont Really Work

Once upon a time the American dream consisted of the ability to go out, get an education and actually be able to support yourself and your family. Yeah, little things like freedom from tyranny and religious diversity factored in there, but the bottom line...

22nd October 2009

Choosing Liposuction as a Means of Controlling Your Weight

No one really chooses to be overweight. Who wouldn't want to have a thin, sexy body? It's what we see everyday on the covers of magazines and on television. The sad truth remains that no matter how hard we try there are far too many factors working agains...

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