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22nd August 2011

How to Clean Up My Credit Report? Use These Simple Tricks to Repair Your Credit Score Fast!

Bad credit history repair is ready to be a frustrating and time consuming process. In order to avoid a little frustration, suffer your private data available when you actually visit the credit history site. During order to verify your identity, you really...

12th January 2011

Roni Deutch Answers Common Questions About Bankruptcy and Tax Debts

It is not uncommon for those calling my law firm about their IRS tax debt to ask about Bankruptcy. Will my tax debts be resolved by filing for bankruptcy? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this first question, as it will depend on...

08th August 2009

Forget North Korea - Stimulus Spending Creating New National Security Issue

Missing in the shrill debate between massive spending programs versus mortgaging our grandchildren's future is what all of that new debt means to our national sovereignty, according to a retired Naval Intelligence expert and commercial banker."The No...

29th May 2009

What are public Records, Anyway?

Public records. There is a tendency to use this blanket term to define various types of documents, and it tends to get confusing. Let's try to clarify what is important to us as consumers and where we should go when we require documented information for a...

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