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17th March 2011

Using the income tax refund calculator

Calculating income tax for Canadians has been made easier with the advent of the Canada income tax calculator. These are software that can be used by taxpayers in Canada to calculate the taxes that they are required to pay by the Canadian Revenue Agency (...

05th February 2011

Advertising in Canada: TV Versus Social Media

When it comes to video advertising, is the traditional medium of television dead? This is a hard question to answer, especially because millions of dollars each year are still spent on TV advertising. But has the World Wide Web, through web 2.0, surpassed...

05th February 2011

Video Production in Canada: Video Marketing that Works

Now, for the first time in history, Canadians surf the web more than they watch TV. And word of mouth, through social networks, spreads information faster than mass media. It is, in fact, the best time to advertise your products and services through video...

28th October 2010

Car Insurance Primer For Teenage Drivers

Canadians are able to apply for a driver's license when they reach sixteen years of age. Of course, there are rules in every province and territory that govern your freedom to do so. Some of these rules influence your car insurance rates, one of the most ...

30th June 2010

Canada Calls are Cheap,Reliable and Handy

Calling Canada as well as placing long distance calls from Canada was quite pocket biting till some years ago. Canada calls had an impact on the budgets of a lot of families and firms in the world since Canada is a home for a great number of people of dif...

06th May 2010

Canadian Tax Rules for 2010

By Molly in Taxes
Each year millions of Canadians scramble to get their tax papers in order. Each year, many of these same Canadians are scrambling to find out what new tax rules have been introduced as well as what old tax rules have been changed. Many of these changes st...

09th December 2009

Why not add a gift for a child in a developing country to your wish list this Christmas?

Remember the joy of bounding down the stairs on Christmas morning, and tearing into the gifts that were the focus of our yearning? For days or weeks, we had wondered, speculated and hoped that we had gotten that one thing we really wanted. It was as if...

07th December 2009

No Fall Election

It turns out we won't have a fall election after all. I'm glad. Four elections in five years is just a big waste of time and money. The Liberal Party has been trying to win an election for years and failed. The best they have been able to accomplish is a ...

23rd November 2009

Tax Relief For Tools Interesting Guidepost

You see, we should be very thankful that we are born in this modern generation because of the existence of the Internet. With the Internet, every information (whether about tax relief for tools or any other such as how to claim a tax rebate, tax refunds f...

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