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11th February 2011

Coming Soon Mobile Phones 2011 – The Wait is Still On.

When we are talking about mobile phones its quite clear that people like to talk about new innovations as there is no reason to talk about the past. The old gadgets which were invented few years back are getting obsolete as the time is passing by. The re...

27th May 2010

Digitizing - When art goes modern

With the introduction of computer technology to art, crafting and embroidery designs have a new avenue to create the most dynamic and amazing designs that are now standards in many industries including embroidery. Digitizing is a new way of getting creati...

16th February 2010

Canvas Prints from Photos and the Modern Photo Transformations

In the modern world where the age of digital cameras is a part of life, amateur and pro photographers are seeking ways of having digital images printed in huge sizes. For most large format printing, digitally, of photos or pictures, there is nothing any o...

07th January 2010

Shooting Stars: Interview with the India’s Greatest Living Cinematographer Rajiv Jain

Shooting Stars: Interview with the India’s Greatest Living Cinematographer Rajiv JainTechnical aspect of filmmaking from Exposure to Set Operations and FormatsRajeev Jain - ICS WICAIndian Bollywood Director of Photography / Cinematographer / DOPThe ...

26th June 2009

You Want To Learn To Dance? Read This First!

Dancing With The Stars did bring us one thing of value. More people are wanting to learn how to dance now that they see, not only how cool it is, but how knowing how to dance can get you lots of hot looking men and women, depending on just what it is you'...

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