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05th January 2012

Envy of Capitalism

Most of the countries in the present day economy are working based on Capitalism. Is Capitalism leading the human community on the right track? Is it distributing the world resources equitably among the people? Are we leading towards a real growth in worl...

30th March 2011

Sim Free Mobile Phones Now Choose The Freedom

This is the world of competition, and, surprisingly, no one is the only winner in it. Each network provider is to give some temptation in a pleasant manner, while bothered otherwise. So the best way out of this is the concept of SIM - free phones. So no m...

22nd June 2010

Nokia 2330 : Style in Simplicity

Nokia known to manufacture extremely high tech and stylish smart phones also understands the needs of simple customers. People who are not comfortable with very high tech features or prefer using mobile phone only for basic communication like calling and ...

15th May 2009

Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Possible at home? How?

What is Laser Hair Removal? Today laser hair removal has become quite a synonym for permanent removal of hair. The treatment is heavily advertised in all the possible mediums. And you can say that because of producing results it has become popular too...

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