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27th April 2010

The best way to Save Money on Electrical power

Saving money is difficult for some persons and effortless for other people. Some are just compulsive spenders, and other people have no thought the best way to save a small in time of day to day time life. Individuals little savings can actually include u...

25th September 2009

Palm oil, Deforestation and Global Warming: Junk Theory

This is a true story. In a riveting and astonishing tell-all book called appropriately "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", John Perkins recounts his life story working inadvertently as an "Economic Hit Man".A bright young graduate fr...

01st July 2009

A Case Study of Energy Efficient Business and Green Practices

Interview: Green Initiatives and Energy Conservation in a Modern Atlanta Datacenter Author: Jeff Hinkle of Global Net Access (AtlantaNAP) The ‘Green Initiative' has become a critical focal point for data centers around the world due to the h...

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