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04th May 2011

The Reality About Tanning and Airbrush Tan

Engaging very long hours uncovering your main skin underneath the particular heat energy produced by the heat of the sun only to successfully develop the tan you really have wanted is definitely not beneficial and thus bothersome. In excess of exposure to...

15th February 2011

How To Go About Finding The Perfect Refrigerator

In the olden times people preserved their food with ice or snow. They dug holes in the ground and lined the hole with wood and straw and then loaded it with snow or ice. History has shown us that this is literally the only means of food preservation durin...

03rd February 2011

A Pond and Fountain make a Great Duo for Any Yard

Are you interested in a small or large fish pond for your yard? If you donít have an area that allows for the making of a waterfall into the pond, you should consider a pond fountain to encourage the health of your fish and the pond itself. A pond without...

31st January 2011

RECYCLING MOBILE Ė How it Save Our Environment

Mobile phones are the passion of the people. So everybody wants to change theirs at regular intervals of time. But the old handset canít be left as waste. So what should be done with those old mobile handsets is a good question. Basically, the old handset...

26th January 2011

Considering A New Refrigerator

While in the olden times people preserved their food with ice or snow. They dug holes into the ground and lined the hole with wood and straw and then packed it with snow or ice. History shows this is basically the only real means of food preservation duri...

26th October 2010

Important Solar Energy Advantages

Solar power is the future of power and energy. Being a clean and green energy source it has numerous advantages, but most people are not aware of it. Here are some of the interesting solar energy advantages. One of the major solar energy advantages ...

16th July 2010

Do Not Add Chemicals To Your Pond: How To Remove Pond Weeds and Prevent Weed Growth Naturally

Before you dump chemicals into your pond to combat pond weeds, read the following information.There are alternatives to chemical pond weed removal. We advise against using chemicals in ponds, rivers, lakes, and other small bodies of water because they ...

28th April 2010

Help Save The Environment - Have A Green Funeral

Death is a part of life and so are funeral services. But did you know how much damage we do to the earth even after we have stopped living? Did you know that 60 million trees are axed every year to build coffins? Gases released during cremation account fo...

05th March 2010

Environment-Friendly Waste Destruction

Environment friendly waste destruction might be more complex than it sounds because it deals with more than how we dispose of glass, cardboard or plastics. Obviously to be environmentally friendly as much as possible the waste product should be recycled, ...

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