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19th April 2011

Quartz Halogen Lamp: One Of The Many Heating Instruments Manufactured By Anderson Thermal Devices

Hawthorne, New Jersey is home to an innovative manufacturer and supplier of Infrared heaters and lamps for OEMs and End Users: Anderson Thermal Devices. Anderson Thermal serves clients world-wide with various high quality infrared heating products, as wel...

07th April 2011

Hour Of Change

You might have noticed that the last few blog weeks have been utilized in trying to highlight the importance of energy conservation. Let it be said that there is no coincidence at work in Earth Hour being around the corner and Jaago Re deciding to open yo...

02nd March 2011

Saving Energy? You help Yourself and the Environment

Reduce electricity related costs What brings new Well, this website is dedicated to providing the best possible “green” devices and technologies for home and personal use. Currently, we all confront with the increasing price of gas ...

26th January 2011

Alas! Down the expense of Energy with Earth4Energy

It's possible to extract or generate energy from the free and abundant supply of natural resources making the energy free. To acquire commercially made power generators, thankfully, you don't need to spend in hundreds and hundreds . By constructing one's ...

18th October 2010

Sun Essence Infrared Heater Review

I recently had a chance to discuss the features of the Sun Essence Infrared Heater with a close friend who has been using one for the past few months in his home, and I'd like to share with you some of his comments. We talked about the energy efficiency o...

01st May 2009

A Home Solar Energy System: Is it Possible to Assemble Your Own Home Solar Energy System?

Why it has become so significant to have your own home solar energy system and understand what you could do with it? Solar energy for homes is nothing newfangled. Ever since humankind started building homes, sun played an crucial purpose in the plannin...

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