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02nd May 2012

Learning Trick Photography - Some Useful Techniques to Help Refine Your Skills

Many of those who enjoy practicing photography often look for techniques and methods that can easily help them achieve some special effects. Here you can find some of the simplest, but also some of the most intriguing trick photography techniques you can ...

04th October 2010

Pop Art – keeping your mind open to interpretations and meanings

You’ve heard the name Pop Art, but do you know the meaning behind it? Some people initially think of ‘pop music’, but music is in no way related to this style of art. The term ‘pop culture’ combined with ‘artwork’ is the true reasoning behind this name...

27th May 2010

Creating Powerful Abstract Images With Your Digital Camera

One of the most popular forms of photography is abstract photography. Many photographers find it very rewarding. When you give it a try, you will find why it is so popular. You will likely have a very fun time creating abstract images. In fact, it can pro...

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