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09th May 2011

International cell phone rental Basic requirement while travelling abroad

Having a wireless phone with uninterrupted connectivity is the first thing that almost every overseas traveler wants. Using the services of a cell rental company is not a big deal any more as you can easily find several options in the market. Nowadays,...

24th September 2010

The Free Way for VoIP

VoIP comes in various avatars. You can utilise VoIP services through your computer or laptop with Internet connection. Now you have VoIP enabled phones. Some VoIP phones come with Skype facilities while others have Messenger service. VoIP phones can be us...

12th August 2010

Cheap International Calls – Call freely at low costs

International calls are a necessity of the world. The market is full of many methods to make cheap international calls like access numbers, calling cards, text and talk and global SIM. There was a time when communication was based on messengers, then c...

12th August 2010

International Calling Cards – Go get them soon

There are many ways of making cheap international calls, but among them the most simple and cheapest is the calling cards. International calls are very popular these days. They are necessary for many people. There was a time when calls to distant coun...

04th August 2010

International Calling Cards - proves to be lighter on your wallet

In the olden days it was quite tough to live far away from your loved ones without even talking to them for a long period. But after this availability of calling cards it becomes an easy task to call abroad. International calling cards provides you with e...

07th July 2010

Save money on your Calling Cards

Calling Rate for every minute - It can be calculated by the country, where you are staying and the destination country for the call. Fees for the connection - A connection fee is charged from the international calling cards, when the call receiver or ...

31st May 2010

Reduce your burden with a dual SIM mobile phone

People, who communicate a lot through phone calls, find it easy to carry more than one mobile phone to simplify their tasks. Ironically, carrying more than one mobile phone is a more tedious task. Imagine a rush hour, phone calls on all your handsets and ...

24th March 2010

Prepaid Phone Card to Call from USA: Your answer to cheaper phone bills

Since our families and businesses have grown beyond our shores, keeping in touch with them remains very important. It is true that emails and instant messages and computer voice chats are free and have therefore become the number one choice of communicat...

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