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07th July 2011

Jewelry Making Courses

The fashion industry now days are at the enthralled growth therefore itís obvious that a lot of well-paid career alternatives will egress out of this business that ascertains an extraordinary growth, glamour and monetary success. The fashion industry has ...

16th February 2011

Ways to Have the Best Diamond Ring

What is the best thing you can give to your partner? Are you romantic and sweet to her? Do you want to show that she is very special to you? Are you interested to give her an expensive gift such as a diamond ring? This article can really help you a lot. ...

14th February 2011

Recycle your old phone to reduce Eco Impact!

Cell phones are one of the most economical and essential life-long product in anyone's life today. The obvious convenience of having it makes you feel safe where-ever you are. With the facility that it has to quick-access for help when you need it and tal...

29th September 2009

Venetian glassblowers break into jewelry designing business

Glassblowers from Venice, Italy, specifically from the island of Murano, are world famous for their exquisite glass designs. Although glassblowing, glass designing by blowing air into a heated mass of glass through a tube, was developed not by Venetian...

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