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07th June 2011

The best tips for hair colour ideas

Hollywood celebrities act as inspirations to many young women. These women try to emulate celebritiesí every persona and style that most importantly includes their hair styles and colour. The style quotient of these Hollywood actresses inspires every woma...

02nd June 2011

The best African Natural Hair Care Products Ideas For Lengthy Healthful Hair

I hope these are useful to you. African natural hair care products.Observe the WarmthEnsure your hair has become freshly washed and conditioned just before using a heated styling device. Do not redo your hair mid-week if it frizzes up. This could cause ha...

16th March 2011

Healthy Looking Hair

By Mary in Beauty
Hair grows at around six inches a year, so healthy looking hair is the result of long term care and attention. Care taken with brushing, excellent shampoos and conditioners will go a long way to keep your hair in top condition. Now-a-days pollution an...

18th February 2010

5 Tips Not to Damage Your Hair with a Straightener

Straightening your hair can be very damaging to the strands. It can make your hair dry and the ends split a lot more easier than if you weren't using a hot iron against it. Though you don't have to completely kill your hair by making it look straight. The...

25th January 2010

Your Instruction To Homemade Hair Care

Whether you are strapped for cash or you just want to avoid the harsh chemicals and byproducts that are found in so many of the commercial hair care products, homemade hair care may be a great idea for you. With these homemade hair care ideas you can beau...

18th November 2009

Look Your Best with the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

It is sometimes impossible to get just the right texture and feel to your hair. Sometimes it's soft and silky but then it's too oily or gets rough. You aren't the only one to struggle to find just the right combination of shampoo and conditioner that wi...

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